Monday, 18 April 2011

The Sequel

Eight weeks ago we were told that the Stockport game was the biggest in the clubs history. Now just two months later we are being told the same thing, for the same reasons. Bradford City certainly don’t make it easy. Following back to back wins against Stockport and Morecambe, then the recent victory over Macclesfield, relegation fears should have been a distant memory. But a dire draw with Northampton, and two thumpings at the hands of Torquay and Southend have seen City slide back into the relegation mire. Granted, three points from Burton will see any lingering relegation fears gone, but the battle has gone on for too long.

Following Mark Lawn’s claim that the club are hoping to appoint a manager by Easter, this could well be Jackson’s last home game. Doubtful, but possible. Jackson finds himself in a similar position to Peter Taylor when he embarked on his last game against Stockport. Poor form, little belief, lacking confidence and goal shy. Which brings us nicely to the next point; Is Peter II the man for the Bradford City job?

Firstly, we have to be grateful to Jackson for providing the impetus and short term boost that lead to 7 points from his first four games. Without that boost the club really would have been in relegation trouble; Taylor had left us going down, and fast. But following the initial surge, what has Jackson brought to the table?

Coming towards the
 end of his reign?
He has made similar mistakes – ones which ensured Taylor was vilified – to the previous manager. A lack of tactical nous, playing players well out of position and dull, dire, turgid football are all mistakes that can be attributed to Jackson during his short reign.  While limited in his choices and ability to mix things up, Jackson has not been able to stamp any sort of authority on the squad. Despite numerous rallies from the players that they are behind the manager, there has been no apparent long term improvement in the levels of effort and desire from the players. Indeed, according to some fans, some players are looking forward to next season away from Bradford City.

So as we go into the ‘biggest game of the clubs history’ for the second time in two months, hopefully this Peter will pick up a result similar to the last one, all but ensuring the clubs football league status for a further year and completing the job he was brought in to do. But hopefully in the near future the club will be saying ‘Thanks Peter, but no thanks’ for the second time this season. 

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