Saturday, 7 May 2011

It's Finally Over

Today brought down the curtain on what has turned out to be an utterly abysmal season. A season which started with so much promise; 1500 fans down at Shrewsbury, bookies favourites, ‘the best’ manager turned into a long, arduous nine month nightmare. I guess the first 28 minutes were OK. Having ensured safety last week, the players mind’s were clearly already on the beach and Pina Colada’s as Crewe embarrassed them 5-1, which in reality could have been far more.

Crewe showed today how far City are from being a good team. Without wanting to put a massive downer on the players currently at the club, when we consider James Hanson as one of our leading players, we are clearly struggling. Crewe had pace, power, technique in abundance throughout their team, something City are horrendously short of. Clearly the manager – whoever that may be – has an enormous job in turning around and it appears as if Peter Jackson has already started the arduous task. Tommy Doherty has gone, the loanee’s will be leaving and both Lloyd Saxton (Who?) and Lenny Pidgeley have revealed through Twitter that they are leaving.

Further to this, recruitment for next season already appears to be starting – despite the lack of a manager – with Ross Hannah revealing on Twitter that he was at the Crewe game today, and loved it. On top of this, apparently Clayton Donaldson’s family, who were watching the game from the 1911 club, were being quite vocal and letting people know that ‘Clay’ had signed for City.

Even so, if these transfers were to come off, the club is in such a state that a quick term fix now is completely impossible. A root and branch review, looking at everything from player recruitment to player’s nutrition, is required for the club to begin to move forward.

Even after all this, many questions remain unresolved; where are we playing next year? Will the rent reduction come? Who will be manager?

It looks as if the next 8 weeks are going to be very interesting. 

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